At Quality Builders Warranty (QBW), we firmly believe that we are not just a warranty program; we are an extension of your team. For home builders, choosing the right warranty program is crucial, as it reflects their commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. QBW stands apart from the rest, having earned the reputation of being the most selective 10-year warranty program in the industry.

     WHat QBW Does Differently

    QBW supports your business before things go wrong. We only work with great builders who build great homes, so we don’t expect you to have major structural defects, but we expect you to have frustrating homeowner situations. With our industry leading warranty software for home builders and and service oriented approach we help you serve your homeowners. Streamlined communication, easy to use software, real time legal resources and more protect your time and resources. And if you ever do have a major structural defect, have peace of mind knowing that we’re the only builders warranty program backed by a national insurance carrier that you know and trust, Liberty Mutual.

    Our rigorous screening process, ensures that only the best builders become part of our exclusive network. Builders who proudly display the QBW logo are the epitome of integrity. They have met and surpassed our strict standards, consistently delivering excellence in the homes they build and the services they provide.

    By becoming a QBW-approved builder, you’re not only offering your customers a 10-year warranty backed by Liberty Mutual, one of the nation’s largest insurers, but you’re also giving them peace of mind. Homebuyers can trust in the quality and craftsmanship of a home built by a QBW member, knowing that they have the support and trust of an industry-leading warranty program behind them.

    Being a part of QBW means joining a community of like-minded professionals who are dedicated to raising the bar in the home building industry. We provide our members with valuable resources, support, and training, empowering them to continuously improve and excel in their craft.

    An Extension of Your Team

    Jul 17, 2023


    At QBW, we don’t just offer a warranty; we offer a partnership. We’re here to help you build not only exceptional homes but also a stellar reputation that sets you apart from the competition. We’re the 10-year warranty company that knows you deliver homes that stand the test of time and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction for years to come. Start your application today and become a “Builder of Integrity.”