How Builders Warranties Help Sell Homes

Sep 30, 2022

Why It’s Best to Have a Builders Warranty as a Home Builder

In this article, Quality Builders Warranty demonstrates how providing a builders warranty can help homebuilders sell more homes. We’ll cover:

The goal of any homebuilder is to sell well-crafted homes to qualified buyers. To achieve this end, builders need to find creative ways that they can offer more value to homebuyers beyond quality craftsmanship.

One of the best ways that builders can add value to their buyers is by demonstrating they offer a builders warranty. A builder warranty from a reputable provider is one of the most marketable tools that a building company can have in their belt as it gives buyers peace of mind, establishes builder trustworthiness, and eases the claims handling process.

What is the QBW 10-Year Warranty?

At Quality Builders Warranty, we offer home builder warranties that apply to new home construction and cover issues with materials, central in-home systems that were installed, and other structural elements of the home. Our 10-year builders warranties offer a clearly established timeline of coverage so builders fully understand their liability protection:

Year One

During the first year of coverage under the 10-year warranty, builders will warrant the home against any defects in workmanship and materials as defined in the warranty that are a direct result of non-compliance with QBW’s warranty standards. Additionally, builders will be responsible for any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.

Year Two

In year two, the builder will warrant the home against any defects in wiring, piping, or ductwork as defined in the agreement. They will also still be responsible for any major structural defects that occur as outlined in the warranty.

Years 3 – 10

After the first two years, QBW will warrant the home against any major structural defect as defined by the warranty. Should any major structural defects occur during this time, QBW will replace or pay the reasonable cost of repair or replacement through our insurer, Liberty Mutual.

How Does the QBW 10-Year Warranty Help Sell Homes?

As we mentioned earlier, a builders warranty from a reputable provider is one of the most marketable tools that a building company can have. Having a builders warranty in place can help sell homes by providing:

Peace of Mind

Buyers want to know that their investments will be well-protected into the foreseeable future. A 10-year builders warranty lets homebuyers know that the builders they trust with their dream homes care about the quality of their craftsmanship and are willing to back it up with top-of-the-line protection. Builders that offer warranty coverage will stand out from those that do not when it comes time for homebuyers to choose their team.

Better Builder Reputation

Obtaining a QBW builders warranty means the building company must pass a rigorous application and screening process to ensure their craftsmanship meets the warrantor’s high quality standards. Prospective buyers recognize builders warranties not only as a sign of investment protection, but also of trustworthiness. By establishing a better builder reputation through a builders warranty, buyers will be more likely to work with your team.

Easy Claims Processing

Should any major structural defects occur during the time of homeownership, buyers want to know that the claims handling process will be streamlined and simple. Offering a builders warranty through a quality provider helps them achieve precisely that. With Quality Builders Warranty’s 10-year liability protection, we offer plenty of resources that make claims processing and handling a breeze.

Sell More Homes with Quality Builders Warranty

If you’re looking to offer additional value to buyers so your building company can stand out in the competitive marketplace, Quality Builders Warranty has you covered. Our 10-year builders warranties offer the essential liability protection that builders need to attract new buyers and keep business going strong. Join our network of “Builders of Integrity” by submitting your online application today!