As a dedicated home builder, you take immense pride in crafting dream homes for your clients. However, with great craftsmanship comes the responsibility of ensuring that the homes you build meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

One question that often concerns new home builders is, “How long am I responsible for defects in the homes I build?” In this article, we’ll explore how QBW helps you limit the timeline of your liability as a home builder.


Your liability as a home builder primarily revolves around defects and issues that may arise in the homes you construct. These defects can encompass a wide range of problems, from cosmetic imperfections to plumbing or electrical problems, and even structural issues It’s crucial to understand your responsibilities and the duration of your liability for these types of concerns.

Builders Warranty 

To protect yourself and your clients, it’s common for home builders to provide a builder’s warranty. This warranty outlines the specific terms and conditions of your liability for defects and provides specific standards by which your performance as a Builder is measured. QBW offers Builder’s warranties lasting for a duration of 10 years.


Workmanship Warranty:

Typically, this covers issues related to workmanship and materials used in the construction process during the first year.

Systems Warranty:

This covers major systems within the home, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC during the first 2 years.

Structural Warranty:

The longest-lasting warranty, it covers the major structural systems of the home for  10 years.


During the warranty period, it’s your responsibility as a home builder to address and rectify any defects that fall within the warranty’s coverage. This includes performing necessary repairs or replacements to ensure the home meets the agreed-upon standards of quality. A reliable third-party warranty program limits your liability to the first 1-2 years by transferring your liability in years 3-10 to themselves.


To protect yourself and ensure a smooth resolution process, it’s crucial to maintain detailed records of the construction process, including materials used, inspections performed, and any communication with homeowners about concerns and requested repairs. This documentation can be very valuable in the event of a warranty claim.

Using warranty management software can help your team stay organized and consistent when collecting and managing warranty requests.


At QBW, we understand the complexities of the home building industry, including the concerns surrounding liability and warranty coverage.

  • Our industry-leading warranty program is backed by Liberty Mutual.
  • Our objective warranty standards allow you to protect your time and resources from frustrated homeowners.
  • Our comprehensive builder’s warranty management software is designed to streamline the warranty process, from creating and managing warranties to tracking concerns and ensuring timely resolution.

With QBW, you can enhance your customer service, minimize disputes, and provide the peace of mind your clients deserve.

As a home builder, your responsibility for warranty in the homes you construct varies based on statutory limitations and the terms of your builder’s warranty. It’s essential to be aware of these timelines and to fulfill your obligations to your clients. With the right tools and resources, such as QBW’s builder’s warranty management software, you can efficiently manage warranties, address repair inquiries, and maintain your reputation as a builder committed to quality and customer satisfaction.