With over 35 years of industry expertise, Quality Builders Warranty (QBW) is a leading provider of structural warranties for home builders. Continually and strategically adapting to meet the needs of great home builders with a unique and innovative approach to new home warranty management is a core part of our value.

At the heart of QBW is and will remain to be our 10-year structural warranty program, backed by Liberty Mutual, providing unparalleled protection to home builders. However, QBW recognizes that key challenges surround serving homeowners after the closing—routine and the repetitive tasks of handling service requests and solving common problems of a new home that become a drain to both time and resources.

Through our selective partnerships with the nation’s best home builders, we’ve always known one thing about our members. They strive to build quality homes and to serve their homeowners. In a bid to address the most time-consuming and costly aspects of the warranty process, QBW hosts a suite of solutions and services that goes beyond the conventional. QBW is More Than A Builders Warranty.

Service Online Solution

Warranty Management Software

Service Online Solutions, QBW’s industry leading warranty management software, is our response for great builders who know that the right tool can make even the most time consuming job efficient. Our dedication to protecting home builders’ time and resources shows with this software designed to streamline warranty processes for home builders and their homeowners. 

Home builders manage tasks with homeowners and subcontractors, helping to communicate clearly and efficiently, and access essential resources, all from one user-friendly interface.

Standing as a testament to QBW’s commitment to enhancing the warranty experience, our software allows participating members to navigate through warranty management with ease and helps to clearly communicate with homeowners, saving valuable time that can be better invested in their business.

Coordinator By QBW

Personal Warranty Manager

We’re proud to be an extension of our members’ teams. Coordinator by QBW, is a game-changer for participating home builders. Coordinator is powered by the same technology that supports our SOS software for home builders and adds the proactivity of the QBW team.

Your “coordinator” is a designated QBW team member assigned to assist you in managing, responding to, and resolving service requests for your homeowners.

We’ve developed this out of a need for our home builders to manage their homeowner relationships without having to hire additional personnel to handle and process warranty service requests.

Managing and processing warranty service requests is a part of every builder’s job description — but it doesn’t have to be.

With Coordinator working for you, builders are able to trust their warranty processes to a team of industry experts who have your best interests at heart.

Real-Time Legal Resources, Without the Bill

Legal Resources & professional guidance

QBW understands the importance of staying informed and having guidance when warranty complaints turn into legal challenges. Our builders benefit from access to QBW’s proven legal resources to help them face warranty-related litigation with confidence and the backing of experts in the industry.

In the dynamic home building industry, QBW places a premium on providing builders with comprehensive support through real-time legal resources. QBW recognizes the nuanced nature of legal challenges that builders may encounter. In addition to the protection of a 10-year structural warranty backed by Liberty Mutual, our program and expertise forms the bedrock of our commitment to empowering builders with resources vital for navigating what can quickly become complexities in warranty-related litigation.

QBW recognizes that legal representation and their recommendations often come at a considerable cost. As a testament to our support of home builders, we ensure members can avail themselves of QBW’s experienced legal resources and professional guidance, often avoiding unnecessary costs. 

QBW has a successful track record of defending its members against warranty complaint lawsuits through our team’s commitment to our time-tested Complaint and Claim procedure. This initiative underscores our commitment to builders and acknowledges the financial liability that frustrated homeowners can become, even to great home builders. We’ve revolutionized the way builders navigate, claims and complaints, and helped to ensure they can confront challenges with confidence.

Sales Tools

10-Year Warranty as a Sales Tool

Our 10-year warranty program is the most exclusive program of its kind. Our program includes a thorough evaluation process, where builders must demonstrate that they meet our standards for quality, service, and financial stability. Only 40% of builders who apply are accepted into the program. For those who achieve this acceptance, we call our members, “Builders of Integrity.” 

For all of these reasons and more, builders who cover their newly built homes with our premier 10-year warranty program set themselves apart in the industry. The coverages within our program give home builders’ clients peace of mind that their investment is secure. Equipped with these facts, our builders’ sales teams enhance their credibility by proudly displaying their partnership with QBW and our Liberty Mutual backing.

QBW offers to our members custom marketing collateral to help communicate their exclusive membership.

“We have spent decades working closely with great home builders, and we understand that the front-end challenges can be daunting. Today, we’re affirming our commitment to be ‘More Than a Builders Warranty’ by continuing to address these challenges head-on, empowering builders with tools and solutions that redefine industry standards.”

Aksel Gulukyan, QBW Director of Partnerships

Our members’ success and satisfaction will continue to be a testament to QBW’s dedication to quality, efficiency, and service to homeowners. As QBW continues to shape the future of home construction warranties, builders can look forward to a transformative experience that goes beyond expectations.

To speak to an expert, visit qbwc.com/contact.