Service Online Solution

Achieve Stronger and More Streamlined Customer Communications

Customer Relationship Management for Home Builders

Home builders are busy enough without also having to manage homeowner calls, claims, and complaints. At Quality Builders Warranty, our team understands how important it is to maintain strong consumer relationships while also maximizing profitability and reducing overall liability. That’s why we enable home builders to more effectively manage customer relations to better serve their homeowners through SOS. Empower your building team with stronger, more streamlined customer communications by requesting a custom quote from QBW today!

What is SOS?

The SOS platform is a turnkey customer relations solution designed specifically for home builders to more effectively manage homeowner requests. Through this easily accessible platform, builders are able to process service requests, respond to homeowner concerns, organize repair and maintenance for properties, and even communicate with subcontractors.

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What Is Included?

Our SOS package includes all of the tools and features that home builders need to streamline their customer relations:

Web Integration

Our team offers builders technical guidance to embed the SOS link into their company website for easy customer access.

Complete Customization

We’ll help builders customize their unique SOS link to include their company logo and website messaging for a unified brand experience.

Online Processing

The SOS Application allows builders to direct homeowners to submit online post-closing warranty service requests.

Liability Protection

QBW carefully reviews and evaluates service requests and acts on the builder’s behalf to help homeowners better understand their warranty coverage.

Property Management

The SOS Application helps builders organize properties by development, lot number, and address for easy identification and grouped repair scheduling.

Subcontractor Management

Builders using SOS are able to easily assign, track, and manage repair and maintenance jobs assigned to subcontractors within their networks.

Let SOS Handle Your Builder Customer Relations

For more than 35 years, QBW has provided builder warranties with the nation’s most selective 10-year new home warranty program for “Builders of Integrity” all over the country. Through our years of industry experience, we’ve developed a unique understanding of what it takes to preserve the builder-buyer relationship while allowing builders to maximize their profitability and protection. By creating the SOS platform, we have helped countless builders streamline communications, improve consumer relationships, and minimize liability.

Discover how SOS can help you achieve more efficient customer communication for your home building business: Contact us online to request a demo today!