SOS Coordinator

Comprehensive Customer Service Management for Home Builders

The Turnkey Customer Service Solution for Home Builders

Home builders need a way to manage their customer relations without having to hire an additional department to handle and process service warranty service requests from their homeowners. At Quality Builders Warranty, we help make managing homeowner requests easy for builders through our SOS Coordinator CRM solution. Since 1985, QBW has helped “Builders of Integrity” throughout America maintain stronger relationships with their homeowners through our powerful CRM solutions. Allow our team to take the guesswork out of your homeowner service requests!

What is SOS Coordinator?

SOS Coordinator is powered by the same technology that supports our SOS Application for builders. However, we’ve taken our capabilities a step further by offering builders a personal SOS Coordinator. This “coordinator” is a designated QBW team member assigned to your builder profile who will assist in managing, responding to, and coordinating service requests from homeowners.

How Does SOS Coordinator Work?

Your SOS Coordinator makes processing warranty service requests a breeze by constantly acting on your behalf to communicate clearly and consistently with customers. Our team will:

Provide all of the signature SOS functions outlined in our SOS Pro Service package

Conduct daily reviews of non-emergency service requests during normal business hours

Assign warrantable service requests to relevant subcontractors identified by the builder to schedule and facilitate repairs with the homeowner

Provide training videos to subcontractors with a tutorial for the SOS Application

Conduct periodic reviews with the builder to advise of escalated homeowner concerns and subcontractor issues or concerns

Benefits of SOS Coordinator for Home Builders

Managing and processing warranty service requests is a part of every builder’s job description — but it doesn’t have to be. With SOS Coordinator working for you, builders are able to trust their CRM processes to a team of industry experts who have their best interests at heart.

Streamlined Communications:

Manage all of your homeowner and subcontractor communications all in one place with the SOS Application.

Time Savings

With someone to manage their customer relations for them, builders have more time to focus on new projects.

Liability Protection

A SOS Coordinator is trained to clearly communicate warranty expectations with homeowners to maximize builders’ liability protection.

Enhanced Marketability

By giving homeowners added peace of mind with a live service agent at QBW, builders will be able sell more homes to prospective buyers.

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