Home Warranty Coverage

10 Years of Protection on New Home Construction

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A 10-year structural warranty from Quality Builders Warranty covers many different areas and structural components throughout the lifespan of your warranty. Most structural items are covered throughout the entire duration of the warranty while others may only be covered through years 1 and 2. To help you better understand the breadth of coverage for your home, QBW has created a helpful guide below.

Whatโ€™s Covered Under My QBW Home Warranty?

Specific warranty terms and coverages are set forth in the QBW Limited Warranty Agreement. The artwork is provided as a visual reference only and does not modify or change coverages in the QBW Limited Warranty Agreement.

First Year

  1. Lot grading and drainage
  2. Roofing
  3. Siding and caulking
  4. Masonry and concrete
  5. Chimneys and fireplaces
  6. Windows and doors
  7. Interior walls and trim
  8. Flooring and covering
  9. Carpentry
  10. Cabinets and countertops
  11. Cooling and heating
  12. Plumbing
  13. Electrical
  14. W. Water infiltration

Second Year

  1. Lack of water supply
  2. Septic system fails
  3. Pipe leaks
  4. Clogged drains and sewers
  5. Ductwork separates
  6. Wiring fails to carry specified electrical load

Years 1-10

  1. Columns
  2. Bearing walls and partitions
  3. Floor systems (structural slabs, joists and trusses only)
  4. Roof framing members and systems (rafters and trusses only)
  5. Foundation systems and footings (which are an integral part of the home and structurally attached)
  6. Load-bearing beams
  7. Girders
  8. Lintels (other than lintels supporting veneers)