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Frequently Asked Warranty Questions From Home Buyers

Your Questions Answered

Quality Builders Warranty frequently receives questions from homeowners regarding their home warranty protection. Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions in the FAQ guide below.

Q: How do I take advantage of the Liberty Mutual discounts?

QBW is proud to be the nation’s only home warranty program backed by Liberty Mutual. As such, homeowners who have purchased homes backed by QBW can take advantage of special discounts on home and auto insurance. Please visit the Liberty Mutual page or call 800-786-6558 and use group code 4160 to take advantage of these savings!

Q: Where can I find coverage information in regards to my home?

All coverage information can be found by navigating to the My Coverage page and entering your enrollment number or property address.

Q: Is my home warranty transferable?

Yes! Your QBW Limited Warranty automatically transfers to subsequent buyers throughout the 10-year warranty protection period.

Q: How do I register my home warranty?

Your builder registers your home with QBW. Please make sure to sign your enrollment form, which should have been provided to you by your builder at closing.

Q: How do I submit a warranty claim?

Please submit your contact information and the details of your concern to warrantycomplaint@qbwc.com or call 800-334-9143 to speak with a QBW representative. For Major Structural Defect claims, please read and complete the following form: