Homeowner Support

Answering Warranty Questions

Clear Warranty Communication

Quality Builders Warranty works carefully to help builders manage and process warranty-related service requests and complaints. We help facilitate clearer customer communication so both builder and buyer fully understand the breadth of liability as outlined within their 10-year warranty. For more than 35 years, our warranty specialists have helped homeowners better understand their warranty protection and receive the repair and maintenance necessary to resolve complaints as outlined by their Limited Warranty Agreement.

Our Complaint Handling Process

1. Submit Your Complaint

Submit your complaint to QBW to begin the process with a live service agent — never an automated attendant.

2. Review & Investigate

QBW will review the claim and assign an investigator, if necessary, should the homeowner and builder be unable to resolve a dispute.

3. Arrange for Arbitration

Our team will arrange for binding arbitration between the two parties in the event that the dispute remains unsettled after investigation. *

Get the peace of mind you deserve by working with QBW: Contact our team with your warranty questions and concerns online!

*In the state of New Jersey, election of remedies applies.

Need to file a claim?

Please submit your contact information and the details of your concern to warrantycomplaint@qbwc.com or call 800-334-9143 to speak with a QBW representative. For Major Structural Defect claims, please read and complete the following form: