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Why Partner With QBW?

Quality Builders Warranty has been a mainstay of the new home warranty industry since 1985, offering unparalleled protection for the nation’s best homebuilders. Through our dedication to integrity, honesty, and quality craftsmanship, we are able to safeguard the success of “Builders of Integrity” all over the United States.

QBW offers the most selective home warranty program in the United States. We are deeply committed to upholding the core values of the industry: integrity, honesty, and quality craftsmanship. Our team has remained steadfast in our dedication to selectivity, which is why Quality Builders Warranty is renowned as one of the most-trusted names in home warranty protection for builders nationwide.

QBW has partnered with Lexar Homes to empower their franchisees with a streamlined warranty process, industry leading software, unmatched peace of mind, and to help them focus on what they do best  building homes.

Benefits for home builders

10-Years of Premier Protection

Home buyers will enjoy peace of mind knowing their home is protected for 10 years by the best coverage available while builders will enjoy enhanced liability protection for new homes.

Forensic engineering & Real-Time legal resources

In addition to our objective warranty standards, QBW boasts proven legal resources to help protect your time and business. Our in-house forensic engineer can provide a professional 3rd party assessment in cases of major structural defect claims.

Enhanced Marketability

QBW Members set themselves apart in the industry by leveraging an exclusive partnership with Liberty Mutual, insurance discounts for homeowners, and recognition as a  ‘Builder of Integrity’

Benefits for homeowners

Added Resale Value

QBW warranty is automatically transferable to subsequent homebuyers.

Each of our members are carefully evaluated to ensure they meet our high standards for service and craftsmanship. 

True Peace of Mind

QBW offers homeowners true peace of mind, providing unrivaled confidence in the quality and integrity of their homes through our trusted builder and comprehensive warranty coverage.

Home & Auto Insurance Discounts

Because Liberty Mutual recognizes the quality that QBW provides its builders and buyers, homeowners are able to take advantage of special insurance discounts.

Offer Homeowners What They Want

A model home only shows homeowners what’s on the surface. By displaying the QBW logo to your customers, you’re showing them that you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure the full quality of your construction down to the home’s most hidden structural components. The exclusivity of our membership assures prospective buyers that you are a “Builder of Integrity,” making it easier for you to gain their trust and loyalty.

Builders who partner with QBW are able to market themselves more easily to potential homebuyers, offering them significant benefits that are only available to our elite members. Give your homeowners what they really want by securing 10-year home warranty coverage for your building company with QBW.

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